Sprinklers and Irrigation

Things you should know about sprinkler systems

The design and successive maintenance of your landscape will always be incomplete unless you include a sprinkler system for watering, so find a landscaping Northern Virginia company to help you out. Plants require the right volume of water. An important advantage of having a sprinkler system is the fact that it precisely discharges a specified volume of water for a given area. They ensure your lawn is neither under watered nor over watered. Installing a sprinkler system will improve the health of your landscape.

Basic sprinkler system operation
A sprinkler has various components including:

• Controller – This is an electronic unit, which is the brain behind the sprinkler system.
• Timer – This controller uses a timer that informs the system the set of sprinkler heads it needs to turn and the time it should turn.
• Valves – The controller is connected to a set of valves which regulate flow of water into a precise section of your sprinkler system. The valves then feeds water to the under-surface pipes that leads to the sprinkler heads.
Here are some of the few benefits of landscaping sprinkler systems.
• The system waters all the parts of the landscape including shrubs, small trees and the garden, all within your intended schedule.
• The timing of watering can be programmed and with the same setting the sprinklers will work for the specified time throughout the month or week.
• The sprinkler uses the exact volume of water required hence consequent saving of water bills and water.
Sprinklers save you on the hassle of shifting water and carrying water pipes. Additionally, you will not be bothering yourself in keeping track of time for watering.

Some of the types of sprinkler systems include:

Tripod sprinkler system – This system is fixed firmly on the soil and its height can be adjusted. A right sprinkler head needs to be fixed on this system for it to sprinkle you garden and lawn perfectly.

The pop-up sprinkler – This is a more expensive type and you need to do some digging in your lawn to install it properly. This sprinkler pops out from the ground to sprinkle water on your lawn and automatically pops down when it’s not working.

Approximate cost of a sprinkler system
The cost of an automatic sprinkler system depends majorly on the following factors:

• Size of the lawn or yard to be irrigated.
• Components to choose to build your system.
For example, with 2500 sq. ft. lawn, you could expect cost of around $2000-$2500 for an underground sprinkler. As you go up in size, costs don’t increase at the same rate because you have paid for plumbing connection to the water system.