Nike Presents NEW SHOE LACES


Nike Shoe laces are a very important facet when it comes to shoes. They give that final look and nice finish to shoes. Initially, shoelaces were just used to string the two flaps of the shoes together in order to unite them, but as years moved on and fashion also evolved, shoelaces have become an important fashion accessory to shoes in order to make them look stylish and suave and complementing the overall look of a shoe.

Shoelaces have over 33 different ways in which they can be tied, which goes to show the way that they have evolved. Not only that, today, you’re able to get your very own custom shoelaces that you can design on your own in any shoe customization unit. With so many different colours and textures, this is a slowly evolving market with the fashion conscious now aware that they can mix and match not only outfits but also shoes and laces.

Shoelaces are a versatile piece of equipment in the sense that there are many ways in which they can be tied to suit the look of a shoe. Each type of shoe can be paired with a shoelace design to make it look stylish. And now, with custom shoelaces, you have one of the most inexpensive, affordable and yet quietly brilliant way to pair your shoes with the best colour or style of shoelaces. As mentioned earlier, shoelaces are available in an array of styles, and you can customize your name or company’s name onto the shoelace as a smart market play to advertise.

With fashion designers coming up with new and improved ways to make shoelaces look different, there are different materials and thickness levels to even shoelaces. You can add two uncommon colours to the funkiest shoes and start a new fashion trend. Shoes are a very important market for celebrities and fans who tend to be inspired by the clothes and fashion that their stars wear. Jumping onto the bandwagon, some celebrities are starting to customize their brand names and some shoelaces can also have three to four different colours woven into one design to make it more appealing.
The pinnacle of shoelace designs, however, must go surely to the neon-based as well as LED shoelaces that light up at night, and are slowly catching up in the party circuit. These glow-in-the-dark shoelaces look funky and aren’t too expensive, and can be worn even during day time, going to further emphasize the niche market that shoelaces have in today’s fashion conscious world.