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Top 5 Considerations When Arranging For Good Wedding Transportation

Planning a wedding is all about getting small details right. Washington DC Transportation is a very crucial detail for a smooth wedding day. You need to have a checklist of important considerations to get the entire process right when booking for wedding transportation. The following tips will help you through the process.

Book at least six months in advance
Transportation to weddings is extremely popular and they can get very hard to get especially during the wedding season. It is always a good idea to keep a buffer time and book your wedding limo or any particular style of car well in advance. A period of 5-6 months is an ideal advanced time. You should also arrange for any group transportation you might need for bridal parties and guests, during this time.

Be creative with the main wedding wheels
The wedding transportation for the bride and the groom should be special. The bride will arrive at the wedding venue, while the couple will leave for the reception venue in this transportation. It is important to be creative with this choice, especially if you have arranged for a cute getaway photo to be taken as the newlyweds drive off into the sunset. Chauffeured limo is a classic choice. You can also book a vintage Rolls Royce. Adventurous couples might also look for a two-seater luxury sports car as the ideal choice for this day.

Ride for the bridal party
While it is not traditional to arrange for transportation for the grooms men and the bridesmaids, adding the option to your list can take a lot of stress away for the day. You can arrange for a couple of cars or a stretch limo to get the bridal party with the bride to the wedding.

Transportation for guests from out of town
If you are having many out-of-towners attend your wedding, it makes complete sense to arrange for gust shuttles to take them from their hotels to the wedding venue. You can also make sure that the shuttles drop your guests back at the hotel after the reception. Usually charter buses or shuttles can take up to 50-60 passengers at one time. Therefore, you might just need one or two depending on the number of guests to your ceremony.

Arranging for specific requests
Finally, check with your rental company whether they allow specific requests to make the entire wedding transportation even more special for your day. You can request for a specific bottle of champagne to be arranged for your limo. You can also ask for a playlist of your favorite songs to be played while you drive to the venue. You can also request particular dress codes for the chauffeur of your wedding limo to match a specific wedding theme.